Beverly Garland (October 17, 1926 - December 5, 2008) was a voice actress in the animated series The Angry Beavers.

Early life and career

Garland was born Beverly Lucy Fessenden in Santa Cruz, California, the daughter of Amelia Rose (née Scherer), a businesswoman, and James Atkins Fessenden, a singer and salesman.[1] Garland grew up in Glendale, California. She was a drama student of Anita Arliss.[2]

In the 1950s, many of her roles were of secure, tough women who could handle themselves in violent situations. One such role was as a secrets-keeping secretary in the classic film noir D.O.A. (she was credited as "Beverly Campbell"). 1956 was a busy year for Garland: she played a female marshal in the Western Gunslinger with Chris Alcaide as her deputy; a prison escapee in Swamp Diamonds; and a scientist's wife who battles an alien in It Conquered the World. All three films were directed by Roger Corman, and all were riffed in the 1990s by Mystery Science Theater 3000.[3] Garland was romantically linked to Corman briefly in the mid '50s but apparently broke up with him because he was too busy making movies to have a real relationship at the time.

Personal life

In 1999, her husband of 39 years, businessman Filmore Crank, died.[4] She and Crank had a son and a daughter, in addition to his son and daughter from a previous marriage.[5]

Subsequently, Garland combined her acting career with an increased devotion to the hotel that Crank built and named for her. Originally built as a Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge in the 1970s,[6] a sprawling 255-room Spanish-Mission style resort called the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn (renamed The Garland in 2014)[7] is located at 4222 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood. The hotel continues to be owned by her family and managed by her son, James Fessenden Crank. Garland's daughter, actress Carrington Garland (born 1964), is best known for her portrayal of the third Kelly Capwell in the soap opera Santa Barbara.


On December 5, 2008, Garland died from undisclosed causes after a lengthy illness in the mid-century contemporary house in the Hollywood Hills that was her home for over 40 years.[8] A memorial service and reception were attended by several hundred people on December 13 at her namesake hotel property, Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn. Her body was cremated. She was survived by a son, a daughter, and two grandchildren.[2]


Characters portrayed

  • High Princess
  • Edgar the Swamp Witch
  • Zombies
  • Unseen Foe


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