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"Beavy Boys Rap" is a rap song performed by Norbert and Daggett in the episode "Yak in the Sack".

Song credits[]


Norbert & Daggett: Nobody messes with this beaver pair!
Daggett: Nobody we say, not even a
Both: Bear!
Norbert: No one in a
Both: Chair!
Norbert: No one on a
Both: Dare!
Daggett: Not the mayor, not
Both: Two of a pair!
Norbert: No one from Zaire, not here and
Both: Not there!
Daggett: I do declare, you phony
Both: Shakespeare!
Norbert: Say your prayers, you yak in
Both: Mohair!
Daggett: We'll have our revenge
Both: On this we do swear!


The song title is a spoof on the band Beastie Boys. The rap itself is very similar in sound to their song "Intergalactic".

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