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Daggett and Norbert decide to take Barry's advice and they release a disco hit entitled "Beaver Fever", though when the fame and wealth starts to get to their heads, they become their own worst enemy.

Episode Summary

In the forest, Norb and Dag entertain the other animals using homemade instruments to play their song "Beaver Fever."  A man with a heavy brow and ponytail watches them from the bushes. When their drum machine jams and stops the music, Norb and Dag begin to fight. The man pulls the two apart and introduces himself as Ted Browman, saying that he will make them both disco stars.

Norb and Dag professionally record their song and release their "Bark Album." Ted Browman books them to perform on "Disco-Rama - The Most Ginchy, Boss, Groove Thang on the Tube" and soon beaver fever sweeps the nation, the world, and things even bigger than that. The two become the biggest thing since sliced bread; however, when Dag boasts this during a press conference, he angers sliced bread lovers everywhere and their popularity begins to plummet. Dag quickly explains that he only meant that he and Norb are physically larger than a slice of bread, saving their popularity.

Norb blames his brother for almost ruining their chances of further success and he and Dag argue over the authorship of "Beaver Fever." Ted Browman tells them that they need to write another hit as the world eagerly awaits their next song. Dag and Norb, however, are no longer on speaking terms with each other and communicate only through their lawyers. When they both threaten to start solo careers, a record executive tells them they'll have to come up with something soon, or else they risk losing their collection of horror films and footie pajamas. Spurred on by this threat, Norb and Dag decide to work together again and give the public more of what they want.

The beavers soon debut their new song "More Beaver Fever," identical to their old song except for the word "more" hastily overdubbed in the chorus. The public soon abandons them; Ted Browman arrives and tells them that the two are now has-beens and he can no longer be seen around them. As their possessions are taken from them, Dag declares that he doesn't need the fame or the money; Norb on the other hand clearly misses it. Suddenly, the two hear Barry performing his new song, "Oh Baby." Ted Browman tells Barry that he will soon be a star. Realizing that Barry may need a partner, Norb and Dag go after him.


Background Information

  • Newspaper headlines shown in the episode:
    • "Beaver Fever Sweeps Nation"
    • "Beaver Fever Sweeps World"
    • "Beaver Fever Sweeps... Things That are... Bigger... Than... That..."

Production Information


  • The Beatles/John Lennon - There are many references to the Beatles in this episode. Norbert holding a press conference in him pajamas is a reference to John Lennon and Yoko Ono holding a conference in bed to promote peace. Daggett saying he's bigger than sliced bread, the Beaver's records being burned, and Daggett's apology is a reference to John Lennon's 1966 comment about being bigger than Jesus, the public's reaction to it and his apology. The Bark album is a reference to the White Album. A sign in a crowd says "Is Daggett Dead?" This is a reference to the Paul is Dead rumors that surface c.1969.
  • "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe" - Barry Bear's song "Oh, Baby" is loosely based off of Barry White's hit single.
  • Beaver Fever - It's possible the title references a parasitic disease that the infection occurs in many animals including Beavers, hence its popular name.


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