"Beacoup Peugeot", performed by Lars Umlaut, Sven, Peter, Dieter, Achim, and Norbert Beaver, is a song from the episode "Lumberjacks' Delight".


Lumberjacks: Whoa, ho-ho-ho, ho-ho-ho, ho, ho.
Whoa, ho-ho-ho, ho-ho-ho, ho, ho.

Norbert: Oui, oui, bonjour. Eh!
Lumberjacks: Oh, my, who is that we see?
Norbert: (with a French accent) It is me!
The legendary Canadian lumberjack! Beaucoup Bonjour, you see!
Lumberjacks: It is!

Norbert: And this is my legendary fur hat, Icky.
We come from a land that's way up north
where the nights are cold and the days are... not so cold.

Lars: It's an honor. My name's Lars and here's my crew.
Sven, Peter, Dieter and Achim, too.
So, Beaucoup, tell us of where you are from.

Norbert: The trees are so big, it takes two days to walk around one.
Sven: And are they tall?
Norbert: Mon dieu! They scrape the sun when they fall.
Lars: Well, by golly, that sounds like a magical place.
Sven: Let's go now, I'll pack my suitcase.

Lars: Yes, we will go where the timber is vast.
But first, we must a hearty breakfast.
Lumberjacks: Join us!


BMI Work # 4578917

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