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Not wanting to hibernate in the winter, Dag and Norb take a vacation to the beach.

Episode Summary

Dag tries to convince Norb to migrate south for the winter to the beach. Norb doesn't want to because he thinks it's not natural for beavers. He's convinced when suddenly winter falls on them at that moment. They hitchhike by getting hit by a city bus.

Once they make it to "A Sunny Beach", they burn their feet on the hot sand. Norb says he hates it, but Dag insists that they adapt to their new surroundings. In the dressing huts, Dag puts on some trunks and prepares to live it. Norb comes out with some Speedos and thinks they should take things in slowly. Dag thinks it's stupid and proceeds to have fun. The beavers decide to try a volleyball tournament. Dag has some trouble playing while Norb upstages him. Dag tries to win but messes up. He tells Norb they could go home if he wants to, but Norb says he's having a great time today.

Dag decides to go jet-skiing, but his shark jet-ski is unresponsive. Norb water-skis by and tells Dag that he loves it here. Dag tries to do some stunts unsuccessfully. Norb is on the beach attracting the crowd while he sings and plays the guitar. Dag then unsuccessfully plays the saxophone and ends up attacking a group of crabs with it. As he is busy attacking the crabs, his jet-ski comes back and attacks him. Meanwhile, Norb's gathering a lot of attention from the beach-goers.

Dag decides he wants to go home, but Norb says that's crazy. He thinks they should do beach trips every year and asks the crowd's opinion. Suddenly, the crowd has disappeared. The beavers wonder why when a giant tidal wave hits the beach. Norb and Dag decide they have had enough. They find a giant drain in the middle of the ocean and unplug it. It sucks them and all the water down the drain. It then drops them and the beach equipment off back at home. Dag is glad to be home where it's freezing. Norb heads back to the dam to watch some T.V., while the shark jet-ski and one of the crabs appears and proceed to chase Dag in the snow.


Background Information

Production Information

  • In Nickelodeon's Top 100 Greatest Moments In Nicktoon History as part of "Super Stuffed Nicktoons Weekend", this episode ended up in 76th place.


  • Renegade Beach Cops could be a pun off of Miami Beach Cops.


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