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Original concept poster

Angry Beavers was the early version of the finalized series. The concept of the show dates as far back as 1993. There were many changes made towards this version of the series but the core concept about two beavers has always been a core element.


This version of the series was about two politically incorrect beaver brothers named Slack (an early version of Norbert) and Dekker (an early version of Daggett) who hated anything new and trendy and were always arguing with each other.


  • PoliticallyIncorrectBeavers
    Slack (voiced by Mitchell Whitfield) is an easygoing underachiever who likes to procrastinate and do anything but the task at hand. He usually sees the brighter side of things and is also a hard worker at anything that his brother fails at.
  • Dekker (voiced by Kevin Meaney) is a high energy and overeager beaver who always has big goals and bright ideas that never end up working out for him. He does not share the “go with the flow” lifestyle that Slack has and always wants to do the task at hand first, until he gives up because he does it wrong.
  • Helga and Olga Fistula are two very huge and muscular Eastern European women that occasionally have crushed on Slack and Dekker.
  • Dr. Deerkiller is a mad dentist who enjoys murdering animals and keeping them in his office specifically for their teeth.
  • Stump is a tree stump that Slack and Dekker chewed down one day and is described as being a freeloader and a guilt-tripper.
  • L.G Algae is a mischievous blob of pond scum who is one of Stump’s friends.
  • Pete Moss is an envious patch of green lichen and is another one of Stump’s friends.
  • Roger Badger is an intimidating Badger and bully towards Slack and Dekker who is also described as being small and very good at digging.
  • “Cousin” Bernie is a con artist sewer rat that always tries scamming the beavers any chance he can get.


  • Slack was renamed to Stig (as he’s referred to in the pitch bible), before finally being renamed to Norbert (as he’s named in “Snowbound” and the official series).
    • The original voice actor for the character was Mitchell Whitfield before the role was officially given to Nick Bakay.
  • Dekker was renamed to Daggett (as he’s referred to in the pitch bible, “Snowbound”, and the official series).
    • The original voice actor for the character was Kevin Meaney before the role was officially given to Richard Horvitz.
  • Slack, Dekker, Stump, and L.G Algae are the only characters from this version of the series to make it into the final series.
  • Stump was originally described as being a manipulative freeloader, when in the official series he’s barely shown to even have a personality at all.
  • Out of all the characters, L.G Algae went through the least change, having little to no changes to his character whatsoever.