Daggett purchases an ant farm and he's amazed to discover that all of the ants are white. Norbert tells him that he's actually bought a termite farm, which causes him to flip out and the glass container shatters, releasing the termites into their home. In fear, Daggett defects to the termite army, which leaves Norbert to save his dam and his brother by himself.

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  • All in the Family - The episode title is a reference to the sitcom which aired from 1971-1979.
  • "Down Under" - The background music when Dag is first setting up his ant farm is an instrumental version of this 1980 song by Men at Work.
  • Aliens - The Termite-Queen's lair with all the eggs is an homage to the Alien Queen's lair in the 1986 film.
  • Predator - The episode is also an homage to the 1987 film.
  • Star Trek - Dag tells Norb he will be assimilated into the colony's hivemind, a reference to the Borg.


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