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Norb and Dag's father visits them, and things get out of control.

Episode Summary[]

In the forest, a father bear is resting while his kids play. A male squirrel is waiting for something, and suddenly becomes a father. A female salamander shows a male frog a picture of her one egg. He then opens his mouth, revealing he is the father of hundreds of babies.

NorbFlower in “A Little Dad’ll Do You”

Treeflower visits Norbert’s dam

Meanwhile, Norb and Dag are watching The Crawling Spleen. It now has a thumb and kneecap. The doorbell rings and Dag goes to answer it. Norb believes it's Treeflower and tells Dag not to embarrass him. It's revealed to be their dad, but he's hiding so Dag doesn't see him until he answers the door for the third time. Leonard walks in and says hello. He also says while he was outside, he showed their friends all their naked baby pictures, which embarrasses the boys. He reveals that he was kidding and makes himself at home. He sits in Norb's spot which irritates Norb. He then tells them how he enjoys their mom. Leonard then asks Norb to scratch his feet, which Norb reluctantly does.

The Beaver Family

Leonard spends time with his sons, wearing out Norb's patience. Norb is watching T.V. when suddenly it breaks. Turns out that Leonard is working on it, and telling Dag a story about how he saw an actual "Crawling Spleen". Dag believes him, but Norb doesn't. The next day Leonard is fixing up the house, which actually ruins it. Treeflower shows up and Leonard embarrasses Norb in front of her. She then runs, which leaves Norb in shock. Leonard plugs in a cord which zaps him. Norb decides to call Mom, but Leonard tries to stop him. Norb asks what is going on. Leonard reveals that the boys' mother took their sisters to her aunt's house and he didn't want to be by himself. Norb ask if he is joking, but he says he isn't and that he really misses her. He decides to leave but Norb stops him and allows him to stay. All of the sudden, the house ends up destroyed. Leonard takes the boys to stay with him and their mom. He is happy to have the whole family back together again.

Production Information[]

  • This episode reuses music from "Born to Be Beavers" and "Bummer of Love."
  • This is the final episode where Treeflower's earrings are white and green. Starting with the next episode "Pass It On!", her earrings are pink and yellow.


  • First time since "Born to Be Beavers" where the whole Beaver family is together.
  • Innuendo: Leonard makes a sexual joke about him and Rose while also making a gripping motion with his fist.
  • First time since "Bummer of Love" where Treeflower calls Norbert "Norby."
  • This is the second time the dam has collapsed in on itself. The first was "House Broken."


  • Brylcreem - The title of this episode is a play on words of the slogan for the hair styling product Brylcreem: "A Little Dab'll Do Ya."
  • "Pop Goes the Weasel" - An instrumental version of the English song could be heard in the background.
  • "The Rain, the Park & Other Things" - The background music heard during the montage of Leonard spending time with his sons is an instrumental version of this 1967 song by The Cowsills.
  • Night on Bald Mountain - An instrumental version of the composition written by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky could be heard in the background.


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