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Dag vs. The Little Meanie[]


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Norb vs. The Little Meanie[]

(Norbert, fed up with Daggett at this point, grabs his brother by his ear and starts dragging him back to where the Little Meanie is.)

Norbert: Just because you can't finish the dam, you have to blame it on the river!

Daggett: (leaning on Norb to prevent him from going further) Oh I'd stand back If I were you!

Norbert: (mocking him) For what? The big bad river?

(Norbert then walks over to the river, while Daggett falls over from leaning on him and screeches.)

Norbert: (in a baby mocking tone) Poo-poo to you, Mr. Water Monster! You're a meanie-weenie, you are!

(Daggett watches while rubbing his hands together awkwardly and looking left and right.)

Norbert: (hitting the water) Bad water! Bad water! I spank you! Now you be good so Daggy can dam you up!

Daggett: Norb...I mean it! The river's not going to like this!

Norbert: you don't like being pushed around, huh? Well maybe you don't like this! (jumps in the water) And this! (kicks it, then continues splashing around in it) And some more you stupid river!

(Norbert walks back over to Daggett.)

Norbert: There! (mocking being scared) Boy that river was terrifying! (normal) A river is a river is a river...nothing more.

Daggett: (pointing to something behind him) Uh, dear brother?

(Daggett continues pointing, while his brother is not looking in the direction he's pointing at. Suddenly, the camera starts shaking up and down very violently as a loud rushing sound is heard.)

Norbert: Yes, mon frere?

(Daggett screams at the sight of what he's pointing at.)

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You'd Go Kersplat![]


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