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Dag fights to dam up the river, despite it being a flood zone.

Episode Summary

Two rivers, the Big Happy and the Little Meanie, are causing uncontrollable flooding in the Northwest. Since the Army Corps is unable to contain the floods, the president decides to send in Norb and Dag to build dams and control the flooding. Norb is assigned the Big Happy, and Dag is assigned the Little Meanie much to his displeasure.

After being briefed on their mission, the two beavers are air-dropped into the flood zone. Norb quickly finishes building his dam and spends the rest of his time eating cocktail weenies and watching an "almost interesting" nature program about a river that runs near a cliff edge but doesn't go over. Dag on the other hand struggles to build his dam as the river seems to be actively sabotaging his work.

Norb refuses to believe his brother and mocks the river, slapping the water with his tail. The river suddenly rises up behind the two beavers and chases them to the edge of a cliff. Remembering the "almost interesting" nature program, Norb begins to loudly comment how high the cliff is and how much it would hurt to go over. The river rushes to the edge of the cliff, but appears to look over the edge, change its mind and retreat.

The Army Corps thanks Norb and Dag for their work in stopping the floods and saving the Northwest. Back at home, the two beavers watch their celebration on TV when a knock is heard at the door. As Dag opens their door, the water (presumably the river from before) rushes up and drags him underwater.

Background Information

  • Newspaper headlines shown in the episode:
  • "Army Corps Can't Stop Flooding"
  • "Rivers Too Wild! President Sends in Norbert & Daggett" ---- " 'No sweat--it's just a bunch of spooty water!' sez Daggett"
  • The "almost interesting" nature program Norb watched about how rivers hate big cliffs came in handy towards the end of the episode.

Production Information


  • On Golden Pond - When Dag said "Life was so much easier on Golden Pond.", he could be referring to the play and the 1981 film.


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